LRE Officer of the Year


LRE Officer of the Year

The Law-Related Education Officer of the Year Award recognizes exceptional contributions of Arizona police and probation officers in furthering education and understanding of the role of the law in our democratic society. This award focuses on public awareness on the contributions that the officer provides to the community and Arizona schools.

Nominations are due March 1st and are to include the individual's name; school if applicable; address & other contact information; the award for which they are being nominated and contact information of the nominators; a summary of their characteristics, experiences, and service that qualifies them for the award; and support letters from others may be included. The nomination should be sent to The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education, ATTN: Kevin S. Ruegg, 4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 210, Phoenix, AZ 85016 or fax to 602-271-4930.  You may also email materials to [email protected]

2021 Awardee


Officer Joseph Lahey

Officer Joe Lahey is a professional caring officer dedicated to his students.  During the school closures, when many students didn’t have the on campus support they were used to receiving, Ofc. Lahey would facilitate weekly home visits to check on the well-being of students. 

Officer Lahey understands the importance of building a positive relationship with students.  He participates in numerous classes to help be visible and accessible to students while educating them on law related education.  He takes this one step further by continuing those conversations around campus with individuals to further their understanding and appreciation of the law. 

When Ofc. Lahey learns that of roadblocks keeping students from attending school, he works to remove those obstacles and ensure that every student’s educational needs are met.

2020 Awardee


Officer Duane Enos

Officer Duane Enos is amazing at creating relationships with students, teachers and all staff on campus.  He has built camaraderie with the health staff and is a regular guest teacher, educating the freshman class on drugs, its effects on the body and society as well as educating the students about social media and cyber issues. 

Ofc. Enos is quite motivated about getting into different classrooms to share law related education with students and teachers. He goes above just teaching and relationship building by researching and reviewing the data from the discipline team, of which he is also a part, so he can focus on the classes he sees need more education on law related topics.

Duane Enos is an effective law related education officer and committed to assisting the school and his students.

2019 Awardee


Officer Tomas Salviejo

Ofc. Salviejo has been instrumental in implementing programs and safety throughout Woodard Junior High and the surrounding community. Officer Salviejo implemented an Emergency Response Plan Layout/Design that has been adopted in all District One Schools.  He also started a canned food drive for the Yuma Community Food Bank

In addition to these programs he has been vital in helping to form a link between families and law enforcement. He teaches students how to avoid being victims of crimes and educates staff and students on the legal system.

Officer Salviejo goes above and beyond for our school. He takes the time to form connections with students and is respected by those he works with. 

2018 Awardee

Officer Melissa Larkin

Marana Middle School

Ofc. Larkin is dedicated to keeping Marana Middle School safe as well as to instructing law-related education. She is passionate about teaching students about the law and how to be a ‘good citizen’, and her efforts are appreciated by both staff and students. She is always willing to help, whether through counseling students or participating in school events. Officer Larkin has the ability to create unique relationships with students, as demonstrated in students’ excitement when speaking with her. Her devotion to her school as well as law-related education has had a huge impact.

2017 Awardee

Officer Jason Groen 
Phoenix Police Department, Bethune Elementary

Officer Groen has been with Bethune Elementary for the last 4 years, and has consistently gone above and beyond.  In addition to completing the mandatory LRE cohort hours, Officer Groen gets involved with the community with school events, anti-bullying patrol squads, Wake-Up Club, and bicycle events to provide students the opportunity to participate in fun structured activities outside of school hours. 

Through these activities he has made a positive impact in the lives of the students of Bethune.

"I am happy you are at our school.  You taught me lots of things.  You are good at teaching." - Elementary student.

2016 Awardee

Officer Fernando Gomez 
Chandler Police Department, Aprende Middle School, San Tan Junior High School

Officer Gomez has spent the last six years as a School Resource Officer going above and beyond. He has taught over 271 hours (only 180 are required) creating a positive impact among the students, teachers, parents and staff.  He has been one of the leaders in organizing the Chandler Police Department Wilderness Trip Experience for junior high kids.  This week long program teaches kids to understand nature,constructive interaction and good character.

Gomez has developed or been involved in several other programs to get students engaged including 3 on 3 basketball tournament, Chandler Police Youth Academy, and Cyber Safety classes.  He is a great asset to his department, school and community.

Officer Stephen Dieu

Summit Jr. High School

2015 Elementary Awardee

Officer Carla Anderson:  Arrowhead Elementary School & Indian Bend Elementary School


2015 Middle School Awardee

Officer Rex Peterson:  Sonoran Trails Middle School


2015 High School Awardee

Officer David Woodard:  Basha High School

2014 Award

Det. Larry Baggs
Connolly Middle School

2013 Award

Officer Brandon McCombs
Sierra Linda High School

2012 Award

Isaac Easley
Tolleson Union High School.

2011 Award

Officer Brandon Clark
Show Low High School

2010 Award

Augustine Sauceda
Cactus Middle School
Casa Grande, AZ

2009 Award

Melissa McCormick
Rincon High School 
Phoenix, AZ

2008 Award

Gary Douglas

2007 Award

Alan Ienn

2006 Award

Jeanette Brambila
enforcement of laws in the United States.

2005 Award

Andrew Wood

2004 Award

David Franquero


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