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What is the Arizona Domestic Violence Legal Assistance Project?

The Arizona Domestic Violence Legal Assistance Project is a statewide network of legal aid attorneys, volunteer attorneys, and lay legal advocates who provide free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children. The Arizona Bar Foundation administers and coordinates the Project.

How does the legal assistance help victims of domestic violence?

Legal assistance provided by the Domestic Violence Legal Assistance Project might address a number of different civil legal issues facing a victim of domestic violence, including legal representation when obtaining a protective order, assistance in filling out forms to initiate a divorce and basic information about a victim′s rights in landlord/tenant situations. The overall goal of the Project is to promote longer-term safety and economic stability for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Who provides the legal assistance?

The legal assistance provided by the Project is available through Arizona’s three legal aid programs (Community Legal Services, DNA People’s Legal Services, and Southern Arizona Legal Aid), the legal aid agency’s Volunteer Lawyers Program and 13 domestic violence shelter and service providers across the state. Staff attorneys and paralegals in legal aid programs and lay legal advocates in domestic violence service programs often work together to provide a holistic approach to meeting a client’s need for general legal education and representation. (Providers listed here)

What types of legal assistance is provided?

Victims of domestic violence eligible for services provided by the Project may be provided a range of assistance on one or more civil legal issues. Project attorneys may provide legal advice through individual consultation and group clinics, self-help assistance in completing forms or understanding court processes, direct representation in complicated cases and/or refer cases to volunteer, pro bono attorneys for extended assistance. Lay legal advocates may provide general legal information about court processes, court accompaniment for support, and referral to free legal assistance programs and attorneys.

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