AZBF Newsletter Vol. Issue

AZBF Newsletter Vol. Issue


AIM IT Services

AIM IT Services has been a long-term partner of the Foundation providing everything from server  assistance to employee help desk needs. They have sponsored our golf tournaments, sponsored our luncheon and even bring us cupcakes during the holidays!


If that wasn't enough, they are now a Corporate Sustaining Partner.  Corporate Sustaining Partners pledge to give (at least) $5,000 over 5 years.


The Foundation has loved working with AIM and thank them for their years of services and partnership.


Visit here to become a Corporate Sustaining Partner 

Rule Change: Third Party Neutral & Unearned Fees

Recently, Ethical Rules 1.15 and 2.4, Rule 42, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., and Rule 43(a), Ariz. R. Sup. Ct were amended to allow lawyers serving as a third-party neutral or expert witnesses to hold unearned fees related to those services in their trust accounts, effective January 1, 2024. 


These funds are subject to the same requirements currently applicable to trust accounts.


"We are excited that this rule change may offer a simplification of accounting while increasing IOLTA income to support access to justice,"  announced Dr. Kevin Ruegg, CEO of the Foundation.


To read the full rule change click here.

Volunteer Spotlight:

Ted & Matthew Schmidt

Board member Ted Schmidt has been recognized countless times for his volunteer work and support of the community.  


He and law partner Matthew Schmidt volunteered together at Manzanita Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona during Constitution Week.  The two dressed up as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to explain to the grade schoolers about the Constitution and its importance to our country.  They were very impressed when they began to read the document and the entire grade joined in reciting the opening from memory!


Read more about Ted and Matt

‍Law Related Education:

LRE Academy

With school back in session, so is the Foundation's Law Related Education Academy.

The Academies provide professional development training for Arizona's: K-12 Educators, Administrators, Detention Centers, Juvenile Probation Officers, School Resource Officers, School Safety Officers.

Topics cover various civic and law related education training, including: CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), iCivics, Kids Voting, Mock Mediation, Mock Trial, Project Citizen, Teen Court, We the People, Specialty training for School Resource & School Probation Officers.

Browse Academy Classes

Legal Info & Assistance:

Foundation CLE Roadshow

In September, Judge Thumma along with Foundation staff presented at various law firms on Meeting Ethics 6.1 and the accomplishments of Court Task Forces.  The CLE's are conducted in person during lunch at each firm's location.


For the CLE, Chris Groninger, Chief Strategy Officer for the Foundation, presented on a simple way to do pro bono - by answering questions online on Free Legal Answers.  Lara Slifko, COO, explained Arizona's Charitable Tax Credit Program (yes donating to legal services meets your pro bono   obligation!).  Judge Thumma highlighted several projects of the Commission and task forces that have made the court system more accessible to Arizonans - especially those of low income.


FInd Out More About Free Legal Answers

Have the CLE Roadshow come to your firm

‍Legal Legacy Spotlight:

Judge Alice Truman

Judge Truman moved to Tucson in 1953; After practicing law in Illinois and Colorado for 9 years. She ran for Pima County Superior Court Judge in 1962, took office in 1963 and served for thirty years before retiring in 1993.

Judge Truman entered the field of law at a rather young age. She was one of the earliest women to seek actively a judicial office and has been an advocate all her life for more women in law. In her interview, she reviews the past and present roles of Justices of the Peace and Superior Court Judges and some of her experiences attendant to those roles. Judge Truman comments on changes in the courts and the law in the last fifty years and of possible changes in the future. Judge Truman received the Arizona State Bar's highest award for outstanding work as a lawyer and a judge.

 Read More about Judge Truman

‍Grantee Spotlight:

Step Up to Justice

Step Up to Justice was founded in the fall of 2016 as a privately funded non-profit law firm. The agency provides free non-criminal legal help to those who qualify and also engages in community outreach to educate low-income individuals about their rights and responsibilities before legal problems arise.

Step Up to Justice offers pro bono legal help to the Pima County community, They assist with family law, bankruptcy, evictions, minor guardianship, employment, and consumer protection. Other services include community education, virtual and in-person clinics, as well as direct representation.

Step Up to Justice has a goal of recruiting 25 new attorney volunteers this year and assist 2,000 clients!

Become a Volunteer!

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