AZBF Newsletter 2023 QTR 2 - Awards Luncheon Edition

AZBF Newsletter 2023 QTR 2 - Awards Luncheon Edition


DBM Global

DBM has joined the Corporate Sponsors!


DBM Global is a construction engineering company with a strong portfolio of companies.  Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the company continues to build on its history with modern day innovations and record-breaking structures.


We are very proud to have them join our Corporate Partner program!


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2023 Award Winners

Awards Luncheon

In conjunction with the State Bar's convention, the Foundation will be hosting its annual awards luncheon on June 15th in Tucson, Arizona at the La Paloma Resort. The theme: A Reflection of the Best of Our Profession.


Our featured speakers will be Bar President, Jessica Sanchez, as well as Foundation President, Jennifer Lee Cota.


If you are interested in purchasing tickets you can do so through the Bar's registration page or on our website at


‍‍Thank you to our Luncheon Sponsors (so far...)

Presiding Judge

Snelll & Wilmer LLP

Papetti Smuels Weiss McKirgan

Guardian Ad Litem

Schmidt, Sethi & Akmajian


Osborn Maledon

DBM Global

Davis Miles


Volunteer Spotlight:

Ronda Lustman

Ms. Lustman retired in 2007 and moved to Tucson with her husband.  That's when she started her second career of volunteering! 

For 13 years, Ronda has been dedicated to assisting those in need with divorce, paternity and custody issues. She has hosted 423 clinics to date and served 1,872 clients for a total of 1,187 hours.

Ms. Lustman is also a member of the Advisory Committee for VLP and teaches informative divorce classes to VLP clients.  Ms. Lustman’s wisdom, legal knowledge, and practicality make her an asset to VLP’s leadership as well.


Read more about Ms. Lustman

Congratulations to our Top 50 Pro Bono Attorneys

Michael Aboud

Nancy Anger

Jessica Anleu

Kristy Blackwell

Paul Bowron

London Burns

Kristy Clairmont

James Conlogue

Corinne Cooper

Thom Cope

Jody Corrales

John DeWulf

Andrea Driggs

David Engelman

David Engelman

Catherine  Fine

Juan Flamand

Erin Fox

William Furnish

Stuart Gerrich

John Gordon

Robert Hahn

Nathan Hannah

Ari Hoffman

Ari Kerr

Christopher Lazenby

John MacKinnon

Frances McGinnis

Leslie McLean

Diane Mihalsky

Meghan Miller

Sharon Moyer

Paul Nordini

Bradley Pew

Edwin Ramos

 Shawna Riggers

Daniel Salgado

Benjamin Smith

Lisa Anne Smith

Kim Soto

Sesaly Stamps

Marki Stewart

Lisa Thompson

Patrick Tighe

Geoff Ulreich

Bern Velasco

John Vryhof

Charlotte Wells

Andrew Whitehill

Jeff Wohlford

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