AZBF Newsletter Vol. Issue

AZBF Newsletter Vol. Issue

Donor Spotlight:

Bell Bank

Thank you to Bell Bank for becoming our first Corporate Sustaining Partner!  Bell Bank pledge $5,000 over 5 years to help promote legal assistance and civic education in Arizona.


We  hope to see more companies and law firms follow Bell Bank's lead.  


Become a Sustaining Partner

October 23-29th:

Pro Bono Week!

Pro Bono week is coming up this October 23-29th.  Your Volunteer Lawyer Programs around the state are holding events and CLE's to celebrate the great work attorneys are doing to assure access to legal services. 


To find out what your local VLP is planning reach out or visit

Kids Voting Arizona Election

As Arizonans prepare for the mid term election, students across the state are voting as well!


Kids Voting Election is under way! Find out how your students or children can participate and learn about the voting process!


Learn more!


Volunteer Spotlight:

US Attorney's Office Arizona

Under the leadership of U.S. Attorney Gary Restaino and First Assistant U.S. Attorney Rachel Hernandez, the Arizona US Attorney's Office have started a pro bono group to meet monthly and answer legal questions via the ABA and Foundation's site Free Legal Answers.


"Helping to ensure access to the justice system for those in need is a critical function of the Bar and its members.  Those of us in public service jobs can and should do more to promote pro bono opportunities within our offices." - Gary Restaino, U.S. Attorney.


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‍Law Related Education:

Constitution Week

Attorneys volunteered around Arizona to talk to students about our constitution and about being an attorney.  


The program, Connecting with Classrooms, matched volunteer attorneys with 41 schools to teach during the week-long celebration of our Constitution.


Read quotes from teachers and volunteers


Legal Info & Assistance:

The Foundation's fastest growing website, Az CourtHelp increased by over 288k unique users during our last grant cycle.  


The site features a Live Chat Operator program where volunteers have donated over 300 hours to 1,900+ conversations.  The program was recognized with a Judicial Branch Strategic Award.




Check out

‍Legal Legacy Spotlight:

Bernard Van O'Steen Jr.

Bernard  was born in 1945 in Sweetwater, Tennessee. His father was a career military person and was sent to Arizona in 1959 to serve as an advisor to the Arizona National Guard. Bernard attended California Western University for his undergraduate degree. He spent a year in active duty with the Navy and then began studying the law at Arizona State University graduating in 1972.  The first two years of his legal career, O'Steen worked for Maricopa County Legal Aid.


Mr. O'Steen is a founding partner of O'Steen & Harrison, PLC.  He became a Sustaining Partner of the Foundation as did his son and daughter-in-law who are both practicing attorneys. 


Read his interview

‍Grantee Spotlight:

Defenders of Children

The Defenders of Children provides free legal and clinical therapy services to victims of crime.  With a focus on survivors of child abuse and domestic/family/sexual violence, they work with clients and their families, partner with other victim advocacy organizations, such as domestic violence shelters and residential treatment centers, and collaborate with state and county officials who share our concern for the welfare of children and our goal to promote healthier, violence-free families. 

Founded in 2008, Defenders are experts in partnering with the community to make sure that children do not remain at risk. 



Support Defenders of Children

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